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PBT Renewables comprise a team of forward thinking experts who bring twenty-first century heating solutions to the domestic and commercial market. Our focus is purpose-built, reliable and efficient heat pumps which reduce carbon emissions and are economic to run. Our consultants work with you to design your bespoke, optimum heating system. Our qualified engineers expertly install technologies we source from world-class manufacturers. Together, our team ensures your property is fully equipped to take you comfortably and sustainably into the future.

Viewed as a new technology in the UK, heat pumps have actually been an established and accepted heating system on the colder continent for over 30 years. Working like a fridge in reverse, they extract heat from their surroundings. The warmth is pumped into the property and can be used by the building’s heating and hot water systems.

There are any number of companies offering the installations of cheaper heat pumps. Although we support the growing permeation of boiler alternatives into the wider market, we do not believe that these technologies necessarily bring the promised efficiencies. At PBT Renewables, we favour engineering from the continent where heat pumps have been widely used for over thirty years. The technologies we use have been purpose designed and offer first class efficiency even at temperatures significantly sub-zero.

Our experienced team work to the highest standards from initial consultation through to aftercare support. Consultations with PBT are appropriate and informative with no obligation. Heating systems designed by PBT are bespoke, based on accurate heat loss calculations and using quality technologies. PBT installations are carried out by experienced, qualified technicians. Our experts provide technical support using online portals, meaning many issues can be rectified even without a callout. All of our heat pump installations are approved by the Microgeneration Certifications Scheme, a nationally recognised quality assurance scheme for installers and manufacturers of renewable technologies.

Our installations save you money and reduce your carbon emissions.

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