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Scandinavian Trading Ltd is a family business. We understand the importance of finding the right internal finishing material to create the atmosphere and comfort you are dreaming of for your self-build or renovation project. We aim to help you complete your project by providing high quality, environmentally friendly solutions that are quick and easy to apply so that you can produce a professional finish yourself. We have pre-painted pure wood-fibre boards for the walls and ceiling and smart energy efficient electric heaters designed and produced in Norway. These products are some of the most popular and well-respected brands in Scandinavia.

Quality is important when you are putting up your indoor wall and ceiling. Scandinavian Trading Ltd provide pure wood-fibre wall and ceiling boards that are quick and easy to install. These are made from sustainable forest, contain no added adhesives, and are painted with water-based paint. This makes them safer and cleaner to work with than commonly used alternatives. Being wood, the wall will have a load bearing capacity unrivalled by other similar materials.

Our Nordic PRO wall gives a smooth internal wall without the need for plasterboard or skimming. They have a click-lock tongue and groove joint that is so neat it becomes invisible with a coat of paint. The 60 cm wide boards are already primed at the factory and they are easy to install, giving you the opportunity to get a stylish result with better quality in less time.

We also have a range of Nordic wall and ceiling panels that are pre-painted and come in a variety of colours providing you with a professional finish without the extra cost and time. They are tongue and groove for easy fitting with hidden screws giving you a seamless finish. The pure wood composition and the water-based paint has earned these boards the highest indoor emission rating, providing a superior indoor air quality to your home. Using our Nordic wall and ceiling panels will give you an interior finish that you can be proud of.

Renewable electricity is part of the future for heating our buildings and we offer electrical smart heaters with improved air quality, safety and increased control over your energy bill. With Wi-Fi-enabled programming the radiators offer daily and weekly programming to secure the best energy efficiency. Furthermore, if you have several heaters in your home, they can be independently controlled through the app allowing you to be in control of the temperature of each room ensuring your comfort and further improving the efficiency of the heating in your home. Electric heaters used in conjunction with a renewable energy source or a supplier who offers renewable energy sources, makes moving to electric heating a responsible choice for the future.

Our heaters were designed with indoor air quality in mind. It has special aluminium elements that are shaped in such a way that the temperature does not get high enough to burn the dust, whilst still providing you with a comfortable temperature. This makes these heaters an excellent choice for anyone with asthma or allergies and allows all to enjoy the pleasures of knowing that your heaters will not negatively affect the air quality of your home.

To see further examples of these fantastic products go to stand TVE1 in the Finishing Zone and stand TV197 in the Trade Village at the NSBRC or visit our website at

We look forward to supporting you in the exciting journey to create your dream home.

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