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Sto Ltd is part of the Sto Group, an international manufacturer of products and systems for cladding buildings. Our business is known first and foremost for our cement-free plaster/render finishes as well as our external wall insulation systems and rainscreen cladding systems, which offer a huge choice for attractive, durable, energy-saving and cost effective options for refurbishment or new-build construction.

Our wide range of surface materials allow for creative facade designs: renders, prefabricated render elements, three-dimensional facade profiles and hard claddings including brick slips, stone and glass panels.

We also offer a portfolio of intelligent technology façade paints that minimise the contact of water with the surface - dirt rolls off with the raindrops in a matter of seconds keeping the façade clean and dry.

Sto Ltd - Introduction

Sto Ltd. is the UK and Ireland subsidiary of Sto SE & Co. KgaA, and for over 40 years has become one of the leading system designers for external wall insulation and render systems. Our main office and warehouse is centrally located in Birmingham, supported by a materials library, Sto Werkstatt in Clerkenwell, and an office and warehouse in Dublin.

Our main office and warehouse is centrally located in Birmingham, supported by a materials library, Sto Werkstatt in Clerkenwell, and an office and warehouse in Dublin.

Sto renders feature greater durability, exceptional flexibility and are through-coloured to reduce maintenance requirements. Alternatively, you can select a Sto render system allowing you the flexibility to realise your most demanding designs, whether flat or curved, white, vibrantly coloured or even with the darkest facades for stunning results. StoLotusan is the only render with the patented Lotus-Effect, demonstrating unbeatable water and dirt repellence, and providing the best natural protection against algae growth.

Sto Renders can be tinted to 1,400 colours from the StoColor system in a variety of textures and grain sizes including stippled, rilled and freestyle. Reinforced render systems are available with more than 15 times the crack resistance of conventional cementitious render systems.

Photo: StoRend Flex external render system installed onto SIPS for this detached property in Scotland

Sto External Wall Insulation Systems

Around 30% of the energy used to heat a typical building is lost through the external walls.

Sto’s range of external wall insulation systems significantly reduces this energy loss by wrapping the building in a thermally resistant envelope, maximising internal space and maintaining comfortable internal temperatures all year round. And you don't need to compromise on aesthetics, each system can be finished in a wide range of Sto materials, all from one supplier.

Photo: Private house with StoTherm Mineral external wall insulation, StoRend Flex onto StoVentec carrier board and StoRend Fibre Plus render systems. Property Developer: Belmark Homes Limited

StoDeco Profiles

StoDeco Profiles allow you to add architectural detailing to a facade, providing the same look as stone, but in a material that is both lightweight and easy to cut and shape. Available in a wide range of standard designs, including sills, cornices, and many other decorative architectural elements, StoDeco Profiles can also be custom made to your own design to provide a unique visual appearance.

Photo: St John’s Wood, London, 12 new properties featuring StoTherm Classic external wall insulation, StoSilco render and StoDeco three-dimensional profiles for architectural detailing around the windows and doors.

StoCleyer B mineral brick slips

With a multitude of colours and textures, StoCleyer B opens up a wide range of design possibilities and is a quick and easy solution for creating insulated facades with an authentic brick look. Just apply Sto’s ready-mixed adhesive and pointing mortar (with no drying times between bonding and pointing), position the brick slips, smooth out the joint, job done!

View our online resource which allows you to view all the different colours and textures we have available and choose from a selection of mortar colours. The Sto Cladding Creator will then generate a visual for review and give you the option to download a file to insert into your own design software. You can also change brick slips colours and mortar colours to provide the perfect brick slip façade for your individual project.

If you cannot find a brick that suits amongst our extensive selection, let us create one just for you or match to one of your existing favourites. For more visual impact why not combine brick slips with Sto render and StoDeco profiles to add more character to you property.

Photo: Private house with StoTherm Classic external wall insulation, StoRend Flex onto StoVentec render carrier boards, Stolit render and StoCleyer B brick slips.

Innovative Façade Paints

Facade paints in our iQ - Intelligent Technology generation have special properties, with their surfaces protecting themselves against rain, soiling, fading, heat, and so much more.
StoColor Dryonic® is the reliable facade paint for virtually all substrates. As facades are constantly exposed to weather conditions, including dew and rain, this leaves them at risk of fading or being attacked by unpleasant microorganisms like algae and fungi. But Dryonic® Technology deprives such microorganisms of the nutrients they need to grow. This facade paint is based on the principle of the fog-basking beetle from the Namib desert in Africa, ensuring that dew and rain simply run off the façade in no time, keeping it dry and looking clean for longer. Additional intelligent technologies in our range of paints protect the facade against fading or heating up in the sun.

StoColor Dryonic is available in over 1,000 colours from our StoColor range.

Photo: Octagan Park, designed to meet the requirements of the Passivhaus Plus standard, featuring StoRend Flex render system, StoSilco render, StoColor Dryonic façade paint.

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