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tepeo was founded in 2018 to give customers a cleaner, smarter, and more cost-effective heating solution to help them transition away from fossil fuels. Over three years of research & development culminated in the Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB®), which launched in 2021 with the aim of providing other low carbon heating solutions to help decarbonise the UK.

The ZEB is an innovative heat battery that uses electricity to supply your heating, charging up and storing most of the heat your home requires at off-peak times. This makes it a more cost-effective and cleaner option compared to existing boilers.

Heating accounts for 31% of household carbon emissions (on average). A low carbon heating solution can counteract this, as it uses electricity largely produced from renewable and sustainable sources i.e. sun, wind. As such, these types of heating solutions produce little or no emissions, making them a much cleaner alternative to a traditional fossil fuel boiler.

The ZEB:

● Cuts Emissions - Powered by electricity, the ZEB is a cleaner alternative to your existing boiler as it doesn’t release any pollution directly and it stores heat at the greenest times.

● Easy to Install - The ZEB is a direct replacement for your existing boiler, meaning installation typically takes only 1-2 days and requires minimal changes to the home.

● Cost-effective - The ZEB stores most of the heat your home requires during off-peak times to be used on demand, keeping electricity costs low.

● Smart & Flexible - The ZEB intelligently stores the right amount of heat based on your needs, the weather and your tariff. It can also be controlled from anywhere with our tepeo App.

As the ZEB charges up and stores most of the heat a home requires at off-peak times, it can help you make the most of time-of-use tariffs and minimise energy costs. You can also choose to charge your ZEB at the greenest times, which will mean when the carbon intensity for electricity production is at its lowest.

The ZEB intelligently stores the right amount of heat based on your needs, the weather and tariff, charging up at night and topping up during the day if needed. And because the ZEB has no flue, it doesn’t produce any pollution, meaning it’s good for local air quality and health.

It is a direct replacement for a fossil fuel boiler that is easily installed, working with the existing heating system and infrastructure, requiring minimal changes to the home. It is an ideal solution for homes unsuitable for heat pumps due to accessibility issues such as a lack of outdoor space.

There is a 10 year guarantee with the ZEB but, as with all boilers and heat pumps, some maintenance is required to keep your ZEB working at its best. As a minimum, you can arrange an annual ZEB Health Check or you can opt for the tepeo Care Plan to offer peace of mind, and maintain the 10-year guarantee by providing the routine checks the ZEB needs.

For further information, visit the website and see if you can move to a greener heating solution today.

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