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August 2022 Online Surgery: Heat & Energy

August Online Surgery: Heat & Energy

Following our busiest ever Eco Workshop in August 2022 on Heat & Energy, NSBRC's Harvey Fremlin hosted a two-hour surgery, expanding on the key themes covered in our event held at the NSBRC. This virtual Eco Workshop follow-up featured four industry experts exploring what can be done to mitigate against rising energy costs and how we can protect our environment, by focusing on building better homes.


We covered everything from heat pumps and solar panels to ventilation; what’s new, what works and what are the practical issues you need to consider.

If you couldn't make our Heat & Energy Eco Workshop, or if you'd simply like to build your knowledge on the topic of energy efficiency, then this is your opportunity to discover the latest technologies and energy solutions. For the live event, we had a total of 444 people in attendance which shows just how topical and important the subject matter is.

You can find out more about the three presenting exhibitors, and request information directly from their profile pages: Total Home EnvironmentEco Energy EnvironmentNu-Heat Renewables