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November 2023 Online Surgery: Class Q Permitted Development

November Online Surgery: Changing buildings from Agricultural to Residential Use with Class Q Permitted Development.

What is a Class Q permitted development?

‘Class Q’ was introduced into the The Town and Country Planning Act in 2014 as a form of permitted development, designed to help ease the pressure on housing in rural areas. This type of planning permission allows the change of buildings that meet certain criteria from agricultural to residential use.

Timber Frame and Planning

The exact wording reads: ‘a change of use of a building and any land within its curtilage from a use as an agricultural building to a use falling within Class C3 (dwelling houses)’.

Finance & Planning

This surgery is designed to explain how many self-builders are utilising this legislation to find plots and create their new homes.

Frame Technologies – Simon Orrells will explain the concept of using offsite Timber frame to build your dream home inside a Class Q Barn, the speed a project can be undertaken and what can be achieved with limitless design concepts.

Green Planning Studio – Ruth Reed will discuss some good case study she has worked on including a current project which after an initial planning rejection, subsequently gained approval and is now well underway.

Heat & Energy – David Hilton focuses on the importance of achieving an energy efficient home and how, by agreeing a ‘fabric first’ approach – early in the design process - combined with appropriate renewables, a high thermal performance can be achieved.

BuildStore – Tom McSherry will help you understand the funding options available for a Class Q project, and explain the different considerations to financing a more traditional self-build.