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The NSBRC Guide to Finding Land & Appraising a Plot

The NSBRC Guide to Finding Land & Appraising a Plot Course

Land yourself the perfect plot!

This extensive in-depth and informative course will delve deeper into the challenging world of plot hunting to give you the expert advice and knowledge you need to find, and determine the suitability of your ideal plot. 

Our 'How to Find Land & Appraise a Plot' Training Course is delivered by Independent Project Manager, Mark Stevenson.

Having worked as a builder and construction professional for almost 30 years, Mark Stevenson uses his experience to help self-builders build their own homes.

Whilst Mark describes himself as a ‘professional builder’ as a result of his career in house building and timber systems manufacturing, he has specialist knowledge of timber construction and extensive expertise in finding land and appraising building plots.

What will the course cover?

Why are plots hard to find?

  • The Right to Build legislation
  • Competitors in land buying
  • Understanding the competitor advantage

How to get started

  • Understanding the difference between land and a building plot
  • How much land do you really need
  • What to look for when looking for a plot - different plot types
  • Plots to avoid
  • Specialist planning policies for exception plots

Top 20 ways to find a plot

  • Case study examples
  • How to identify plot ownership
  • Replacement dwellings
  • Replacement dwelling appraisal / Checklist
  • Custom build plots
  • Using online maps and plans
  • How to make your own plot
  • Live example of using online mapping to find a plot

The plot buying process explained

  • Legal considerations explained
  • Option agreements explained
  • How to assess the viability of a plot
  • How to make sure you pay the right plot price
  • Plot valuation excel model - live demonstration

Assessing the planning potential of a plot

  • Planning appraisals - detailed considerations
  • Obtaining pre-application advice
  • How to prepare for a pre-application meeting
  • Identifying plot construction risks
  • Plot construction risks, detailed examples

“This was a FANTASTIC course, a goldmine of wisdom, you did a brilliant job, Mark – I’ve learnt so much and am now super eager to put it all into practice! 😊” 

“Excellent content very well delivered. Mark is a realist and very experienced in this field. The cost of the course is negligible relative to the cost of mistakes I’d have made without this course. Thank you for delivering it online also, made it all very convenient.”

“Excellent course, strong practical case study examples with an effective and pragmatic presentation style.”

Refund Policy - The How to Find and Appraise a Plot Course

Cost of one-day courses held at the Centre per person: £165.00 gbp (VAT inclusive).

Cost of one-day virtual courses per device: £85 gbp (VAT inclusive).

If you are unable to attend the course after booking, we can transfer your place to another course date if you notify us at least a week before the event (subject to availability). Please notify us as soon as possible.

Please note that we will issue a full refund if you notify us up to 7 days prior to the event start date, if you notify us after this time your payment will be non-refundable.


  • £165.00 (In-person)
  • £85.00 (Virtual)
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