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January Trade Village Newsletter

Our Trade Village is home to over 200 permanent exhibitors, chosen for their respected and relevant offering and their knowledge and understanding of the self build and renovation community. 

Read on for this month's news and highlights from the Trade Village...



TrEXOPERM MONO SA 250 and VARA FLUID Spray are two Partel airtight systems recently tested and certified as a Passive House Component, Class phA, by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany.

Very high energy savings in buildings are achieved by integrating highly efficient building systems, careful planning, and highly efficient components.

Through these certified membranes, Partel facilitates industry professionals reliable project planning, ensuring the delivery of necessary energy parameters for their use in Passive Houses and energy-efficient buildings.

Find Partel at Stand 177 in our Trade Village.

Read the news story.

Comfortable, warmer and energy-efficient homes with SPC Heat Cloud!


In the last few years, the importance of using greener and more energy-efficient systems is clearer than ever. Moving away from traditional heating systems such as boilers and radiators to newer systems like radiant heating.

Heat Cloud is the latest and most energy-efficient heat emitter currently available and is the most compatible with heat pumps.

Energy savings of 30-50% can be achieved when using Heat Cloud. These savings accrue from the adoption of lower space temperatures, quicker start-up and response times and reduced system temperatures.

Find SPC Heat Cloud at Stand 72.

Visit the new website.



JUWO EVOLVED SMARTWALL™ is a thin joint, clay block building system for monolithic wall construction. No need for cavities, additional insulation, wall ties or a mortar joint, making it a competitive, fast-track method of building that meets all regulation requirements.

A single block is able to achieve a thermal performance from U = 0.18 to 0.11 W/m²k making it an ideal building system for those wanting to achieve a Passivhaus level of comfort that doesn’t require specialist installation or detailing.

Take a look at the complete system we are offering by clicking the button below.

Find Juwo Evolved Smartwall at the Walls/Structures Zone & Professional Services Hub.

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Honey Legal: Who will inherit your home? Are you sure?

Honey Legal

Without a Will, the Government decides who gets what, not you. 2 in 3 adults don’t have a Will! However, in today’s world, a Will is not enough to protect it from prying hands.

The family home is generally our single biggest asset and yours will be extra special. Will you protect it for your chosen heirs or leave it to Chance?

Consultations are free. I only charge when instructed. Book yours today. A well-crafted estate plan costs less than a month in a care home. You have nothing to lose. Your family, however, may have a great deal to gain.

Find Honey Legal at the Professional Services Hub.

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Honka Fusion™ solid wood frame is meeting the challenges of energy efficient and zero carbon new homes.

Honka UK design and build bespoke new homes from cross-laminated timber sourced from the world’s most sustainable forests in Finland. From design and planning through to complete construction and even interior design,

Honka UK will transform your dreams in to reality and with the comfort of knowing you are supported by a company that has built more than 85,000 homes over 60 years.

Find Honka at Stand 82 in the Trade Village.

Find further information here.

NARM: How to avoid pitfalls with rooflight specification & installation


A rooflight is just like an ordinary window, but installed into a roof, right?

Wrong. Rooflights are subject to different conditions and require a specialist design approach to provide appropriate levels of performance, safety and security. A new booklet has been published by NARM, the National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers, to help homeowners and self-builders avoid some common pitfalls, by asking the right questions before they start.

“Getting Rooflights Right” covers topics including energy efficiency, safety for building occupants, security regulations and longevity of rooflights and gives some examples of the kind of problems that can arise with poorly considered or badly installed rooflights, plus advice on finding the right rooflight supplier for your project.

Find NARM in the Professional Services Hub.

Further information here.

Hambleside Danelaw: apprenticeships & training


Apprenticeships and training are a vital part of the construction industry and help to ensure new starters in the industry. The skills shortage has been well documented, with CITB reporting that the industry will need an additional 217,000 new workers by 2025 to meet demand.

Last year Hambleside Danelaw Hub was launched, an online platform where people can take free courses about a range of topics; from GRP flashings to ridge ventilation.

This platform proved to be popular with both contractors and merchants alike, and can be accessed on mobile devices on the go.

At the end of each module, participants gain a certificate detailing the course content, making this a fantastic opportunity for those new to the industry.

To register your interest for these modules, please email

Find Hambleside Danelaw at Stand 106 in our Trade Village.

Register your interest.

Latest articles

NSBRC | Foothills under 14s football team trophies

The NSBRC backs local youth football team for success!

We are delighted to announce our sponsorship of the U14s Foothills football team for the 2024/25 season. The team are part of the Wims11 Football Academy, based in Swindon.

NSBRC | The Festival of Sustainable Homes

The Festival of Sustainable Homes Review - May 2024

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first ever Festival of Sustainable Homes. We hope you enjoyed this new event as much as we enjoyed hosting it!

This year we gave an exciting new look and feel to the Spring/Summer edition of our National Self Build & Renovation Show, shining a spotlight on Sustainability as a topic we’re passionate about, and an ever-increasing consideration for our visitors. The two-day festival combined the spirit of a vibrant, family-friendly event, highlighting how we can all live more sustainably in our homes and communities - with all the invaluable self build and renovation resources which are always at the heart of our shows.

May Trade Village Newsletter 2024

Our Trade Village is home to over 200 permanent exhibitors, chosen for their respected, relevant offerings and their knowledge of the self build and renovation community.

Many will be attending our highly anticipated Festival of Sustainable Homes in just under a week. This brand new event serves as a platform for sharing innovative ideas and sustainable solutions for all homebuilding projects. It's an exciting opportunity for attendees to gather insights, discover new trends, and share plans with industry professionals.

Read on for this month's news and highlights from the Trade Village...