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Originally founded in the 1950s, the Dantherm Group is a European leader in portable and installed climate control solutions for a wide range of industries and uses. Based on the work of close to 1000 passionate climate control experts and more than three million installations, we design and build exceptional climate solutions. Our solutions are specified into a wide range of applications and industries within heating, drying, cooling, ventilation and air purification – resolving a diverse range of challenges for our customers, from residential ventilation systems to clean air technology.

The climate you live and work in every day is important to you, and it is important to us. Whether it be providing heating and cooling during the changing seasons, dehumidifying your car garage to protect your prized possessions, filtering contaminants out of the air that you breathe thousands of times each day, or delivering energy-efficient solutions for your Passivehaus; Dantherm Group are your technical partner to guide you through this selection process.

Residential ventilation is increasingly relied upon across Europe to provide fresh air within air-tight homes in an energy-efficient way. We achieve this using mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) technology across our range of residential solutions. MVHR systems use extraction systems to pump out stale air and renew the indoor atmosphere with clean outdoor air. However before it is completely exhausted, a heat exchanger transfers the warmth leaving the property to the fresh air coming in, helping to keep buildings at a consistent temperature with no additional energy spend. Our heat recovery units employ reliable, efficient extractor fan motors to maintain healthy, comfortable atmospheres with minimal energy consumption and low carbon footprint.

Good air quality is crucial to a comfortable, healthy environment. Contaminated, stale air with high levels of pollution and particles can irritate allergies, lower productivity and can even place peoples’ health and safety at risk. When polluted indoor air can cause avoidable discomfort, our commercial ventilation units are specially designed to deliver consistent air circulation for practically every application. Whatever your ventilation needs, you can be sure you’ll find a fitting solution in our selection of products.

Furthermore, our powerful range of fixed air handling units go beyond the remit of many commercial ventilation systems. Air quality, humidity and temperature can be kept under control in several unique environments, including indoor swimming pools, leisure centres and pharmaceutical factories.

With decades of combined experience in industrial ventilation systems, modern manufacturing facilities and a robust support network, you can always trust Dantherm Group to advise on the safest and most suitable system for your requirements.

Get in touch today to learn more about our market-leading range of industrial ventilation unit solutions.

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