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Envirotile – A Sustainable Roof Over Our Heads

- The only complete roofing system that offers a lightweight and sustainable alternative to traditional concrete or slate roofing tiles, with the added option of an integrated solar tile.

- Ecologically and economically proven application for re-use of plastic waste.

- Requires fewer tiles per square metre than quarried slate or other slate alternatives meaning less time and cost to install.

- Patented and award-winning interlocking tile design and ‘8FIX’ fixing point system to provide outstanding performance against wind-lift and driven rain.

- Versatile – designed to be installed direct to battens or to board.

Envirotile, is a revolutionary, lightweight and sustainable roof tile made from recycled plastic waste which has been designed to withstand the worst storms that British weather can throw at it.

Envirotile’s patented and award winning interlocking tile design and ‘8Fix’ fixing point system provides outstanding performance against wind-lift and driven rain and it has been tested to withstand windspeeds of 145km/h. We are therefore confident in providing a stormproof guarantee.

Being only 20% of the weight of a concrete tile Envirotile reduces carrying load weights and the unique polymer material (made from 100% recycled material) means there’s no dust during cutting.

Envirotile will also assist with improved foot grip whilst traversing the covered tiled roof - and they’re virtually unbreakable! A flat, precision manufactured, recycled polymer, lightweight roof tile with excellent green credentials.

Produced in two finish effect options - a textured finish and a slate-effect finish and a range of colours. Both are aesthetically pleasing in all aspects. Extremely simple to fix yet performs exceptionally, locking into adjacent tiles to form a fully integrated roof covering.

Envirotile performs to roof pitches as low as 12.5 degrees. Envirotile is the most advanced roof tile available; affordable, high performing and environmentally friendly. Envirotile also reduces build and labour costs.

Envirotile is a complete dry fix roofing system, so it includes all the necessary components to complete your roof including, dry verge, valleys, variety of ridge products, ventilated eave bars and ventilated tiles.

We are pleased to introduce the EnvirotilePV solar roof tile, the first fully integrated solar roofing system that delivers in both form and function by giving an aesthetically pleasing appearance as compared with solar panels, whilst being lightweight, stormproof and simple to install and maintain.

The EnvirotilePV solar roof tile, delivers the perfect solution for supporting the energy efficiency requirements under Part L of the Buildings Regulations, which requires an overall 30% reduction in carbon and the Future Homes Standard to be introduced in 2025, that requires a 75-80% reduction in carbon. An EnvirotilePV solar roof is the right roofing solution, at the right time.

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