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KORNICHE HOME ALUMINIUM – Multi-Award-Winning Bi-fold doors, Roof Lanterns and Flat Glass Rooflights.

Specify the unrivalled selection of roof lanterns, bi-folding doors, and flat glass options from Korniche for your home extension, construction, or self-build. With precision engineering and flawless design, Korniche products guarantee a seamless fusion of aesthetics and practicality. With over 40 years in business and an accolade-winning manufacturer based in the UK, Korniche is dedicated to delivering enduring, top-tier solutions.

Elevate your living space and seamlessly connect your building with nature through Korniche's unparalleled Aluminium products.

Precision. Simplicity. Beauty. When it comes to enhancing the design of your home build or renovation project, look no further than Korniche Aluminium building solutions. The engineering expertise behind the Korniche roof lantern and bi-fold door is unparalleled, ensuring that your dream home is built with the utmost quality and perfection in mind.

At Korniche, we are committed to delivering products that not only let in an abundance of natural light but also offer slim sightlines, excellent thermal efficiency, and top-of-the-line security features. Our aluminium glazing products have been meticulously designed from the ground up, with each component seamlessly integrating with the next to create a truly magnificent living space.

With a focus on heat retention, security, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, our products are not only stronger and slimmer but also warmer and easier to install. From the moment you choose Korniche Aluminium building solutions, you can rest assured that your home will be transformed into a space of unparalleled beauty and sophistication.

Trust Korniche to bring your vision to life with our innovative and advanced building solutions. Elevate your home with Korniche Aluminium - where precision meets perfection.

Transform Your Space With Korniche

A Brighter Home with Smarter Engineering.

Flood your living space in natural light with industry-leading roof lanterns and bi-folding doors from Korniche. Combining smart engineering with inspirational design to immerse your home in the outside world.

Precision. Simplicity. Beauty.

The exceptional engineering behind Korniche roof lanterns, bi-folding doors, and flat glass rooflights makes them perfect for elevating your self-build or renovation project.

Driven by Innovation

We understand there's no compromise when it comes to your dream home. That's why we've developed the most advanced products on the market. Every meticulously engineered component works together to transform your interior, bringing the outside in.

Unique features enhance heat retention, security, functionality, and aesthetics, resulting in a stronger, slimmer, warmer, and easier-to-install product you'll enjoy for years to come.

It’s our mission to achieve your vision

Korniche was founded to bring inspirational products to light, through innovated design and engineering. The Korniche Roof Lantern, the first of its kind, was designed using groundbreaking processes rather than traditional conservatory systems. It was followed by our equally innovative bi-folding doors and flat glass rooflights.

Since launch, this multi-award-winning roof lantern has been embraced by homeowners and builders alike. Our vision is to become the go to brand for smarter, better engineered, and inspirational glazed products.

Made with aluminium

Our aluminium products offer superior weather resistance, thermal retention, low maintenance, and stunning aesthetics, all thanks to tighter tolerances and cutting-edge fabrication methods.

Roof Lanterns

Welcome more light and style into your self-build or renovation project with Korniche roof lanterns. A Korniche roof lantern doesn't just change the look of your space; it transforms how it feels by bathing it in natural daylight. Just as every homeowner has a different vision, Korniche has a bespoke design to help you deliver it.

Bi-folding Doors

Designed to perfection, brighten your room with bi-folding doors that combine robust functionality and security with breath-taking elegance.

When it comes to bringing more of the outdoors into your home, it’s the details in your bi-folding doors that make the difference. Great looking handles in matching finishes. A perfect glide and ease of use with engineered hardware that will keep this way for years to come. Slim profiles in hard wearing powder coated finish adding style to your home. Superb thermal properties and PAS24 security features.

Bi-folding doors with a clean, consistent, and slim design, superbly reflecting the care with which they are manufactured with frames that can be powder coated in standard RAL colours as well as vivid colours on either side.

Flat Glass Rooflights

Illuminate Your Living Space

Brighten your home and experience the forefront of innovation with the Korniche Flat Glass Rooflight. Create a space into a welcoming room flooded by natural light.

Korniche crafts products with you in mind, offering an extra touch of elegance and class.

Dive into a world where aesthetics and efficiency combine.

Beyond its visual appeal, the Korniche Flat Glass Rooflight design stands out with its exceptional thermal efficiency, credited to the polyamide inner section, saving money on your energy bills, creating a space that can be used all year around.

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