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Welcome to LUXORliving, the simple and safe KNX-based smart home system from Theben. Light on, light off, dim, control heating, control blinds. Via voice control, app and push-button.

Home automation is far more than just a collection of gadgets and phone apps, it is about integration. True home automation brings comfort, security and energy efficiency to your project. LUXORliving enables you to have high quality, proven, secure home automation for any type of house build at a cost effective level. Simple advantages make the difference - LUXORliving leaves the choice of switches to you, so you can finish your home exactly how you want to, your choice, your specification. But, no matter what switch it is you will have all the advantages of a real smart home. LUXORliving – simply easy, simply safe, simply flexible.

Energy saving comfort.

This is the Theben promise to our customers. It started with the first staircase time switch, developed by the company founder Paul Schwenk back in 1921, and more than 100 years later it continues to apply to all our products, such as our presence and motion detectors as well as our class leading KNX building automation products and the LUXORliving smart home solution.

That is more than 100 years of being at the forefront of building automation, it really is part of our history, our DNA.

KNX building automation has been available for private residential properties for many years, and with the KNX based LUXORliving system Theben can provide a fully integrated Smart Home solution meeting the requirements of the most demanding customer.

Why KNX? KNX is the worldwide standard for home and building control, and is now an integral part of modern building automation in schools, hospitals, museums, offices and homes. KNX installations can be found in over 120 countries across the globe. KNX provides a comprehensive and energy efficient control solution for heating, ventilation, lighting, shading and much more. It is the core of any building management system, no matter what building. It is non-proprietary, with more than 500 manufacturers and 8000 products, so you as the customer will never be locked-in. It is highly secure and is completely independent of the internet (unless you want to connect).

Theben has been a member of the KNX Association since 1992 and has made a significant contribution to the development of KNX.

Who are Theben? Theben is a major German manufacturer. We manufacture all of our product in Europe, more than 90% at our headquarters in Haigerloch, Germany. All KNX certified product is manufactured in ISO9001 facilities.

Today theben is represented in over 60 countries around the globe. Alongside Germany, the group has its own subsidiaries in 11 countries including France, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Singapore. Theben has external annual sales of €180M with an export rate of 64%.

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