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Hub of Airtightness Champions

With over 30 years experience, Aldas are experienced testers and trainers. We provide online flexible training on Airtightness for both domestic and commercial buildings, we offer practical hands-on Airtightness training with airtightness demonstrators delivering the skills and knowledge needed onsite and we provide access to experts via online expert Q&A sessions, send us your specific questions.

Aldas developed the 12 Steps to Airtightness approach to enable homeowners and the UK construction industry to reliably deliver the demanding airtightness targets in Passivhaus and other low-energy projects.

Let us help reduce your heating and energy costs!

Good Airtightness is essential in Reducing Energy Costs

Aldas is a collective of committed people coming together to deliver air tight buildings. Our team consists of experts, testers, airtightness champions and ambassadors.

Aldas is the UK’s one stop shop for providing all aspects of advice, training and consultancy on Airtightness.

Online Training

Aldas provide online flexible training, based on our knoweldege and experience of airtightness in domestic and non domestic buildings.

Practical Training

Aldas offer practical hands-on Airtightness training using various Airtightness demonstrators teaching everyone the skills and knowledge to employ at home or on site.

Airtightness Expert Q&A

Ask the experts a question and learn form others in out online Q&Q sessions.

Domestic Airtightness Testing

Home-owner Testing

Aldas can help home owners with air testing leakage investigations and thermographic inspections, to advise how to reduce your heating and energy bills.

Airtightness Testing

Aldas undertake bespoke and complex testing. leakage investigation and thermographic inspections for challenging homes and major projects requiring exceptional airtightness targets.

Non-Domestic Airtightness Testing

Design Advice

Minimising air-leakage risks is a key part of delivering large low energy non-domestic buildings. Aldas assist with early design reviews and the development of robust air barrier strategies.


Aldas have been involved with some of the largest and most complex testing in the UK to date, including the St Sidwell’s Passivhaus swimming pool. We carry out various air tightness tests with full reporting.

Air Leakage

Aldas undertake direct inspections, air velocity measurements, non-toxic smoke application and infra-red thermography to diagnose and find air leaks to help you achieve minimal air leakage.

Building Type

Aldas can assist you no matter what size your project or what kind of building it is. All Passivhaus and low energy non-domestic buildings are catered for, schools, health care facilities, student housing etc.

Designing for Airtightness

Design Review

Prevention of airtightness problems starts with the earliest design phases. Aldas reviews the airtightness design, working with your team to minimise air leakage risks and ensure that’s sealing strategies are robust and resilient.

Air Barrier Strategy

A robust air barrier strategy underpins the design of your airtight project. It informs the essential specifications for airtightness and is a valuable training tool for the whole site team delivering your low-energy building.

Preparing Oversight

Proving success in low energy projects requires evidence. Hence record keeping, quality control and planning the airtightness testing is essential. Aldas’s experience will assist your team in overcoming these challenges.


Airtightness design must be practical. Considering the order of works, identifying hold points and interim leakage testing needs during the design phase is essential. A buildability workshop ensures successful delivery.

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