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Earth Save Products

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Earth Save Products have a range of innovative products and are regularly looking to break boundaries with new and effective ways to use energy. We provide Renewable Energy Systems that make sound sense – for residential and commercial properties, new or old.

Harnessing the free energy that surrounds us and making it work to heat your house and office makes so much sense it’s amazing that we use conventional methods at all. Earth Save Products manufacture, design and install some of the most efficient and flexible systems for heating and hot water by air source heat pumps (ASHP), heat recovery ventilation, Thermovec radiators, our market leading and award winning Ecocent™ hot water systems, the Heliotherm Air source Heat Pump (The World’s Quietest) and the Heliotherm range of Ground Source Heat Pumps.

We are a true 'one stop shop' for design, supply, installation and maintenance of renewables based heating, hot water and ventilation systems. Once systems are installed and commissioned, we also offer servicing and maintenance throughout the system life. Over the past 12 years our business has grown significantly, allowing us to cover the full market range of clients – from self-builders through to multi-national companies and Government Departments – all have benefited from our experience and commitment to quality and value.

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