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Timber’s good, solid wood is better.

Welcome to the next generation of bespoke, sustainable, eco-homes.

If you dream about a unique and natural house of premium quality, you have found your new home. We supply high quality homes with 100% natural and renewable wood that guarantee a healthy living environment that quite literally takes care of the people within it. We can prove, through numerous studies, that living in one of our homes will lower your blood pressure and heart rate and induce a feeling of relaxation, just like walking in the woods.

Design without restraint. Build without compromise.

Comfort, happiness, health. We believe that everyone deserves the best a home can offer. A home that’s perfectly in tune with modern lifestyles and the world we live in.

We bring visions to life, creating modern architectural homes that make a bold visual statement without leaving a negative environmental impact. Our pioneering Honka Fusion™ technology allows genuine massive wood to be easily combined with other building materials, such as glass, stone and steel. The non-settling Honka Fusion™ log allows us to build bolder and more diverse structures than ever before. Whatever the vision, we make it real and take you on a journey from self-build dream to new home reality.

  • Concept design through our network of approved architects.
  • Detailed design using 3D CAD technology so you can walk-through your home in virtual reality.
  • Planning application and building regulations submissions.
  • Full construction set drawings.
  • Turn-key on site construction using experienced teams, trained by Honka.
  • Commissioning and handover of your new house with a 10 year warranty and a home designed to last for generations.

Living in a Honka home is a lifestyle choice, the wood we use to build our homes controls the indoor environment naturally, absorbing and releasing moisture and keeping humidity levels constant all year round which prevents the growth of mould spores and bacteria. Living in a log house is proven to reduce stress. Scientists have discovered that living in a log house reduces your heart rate by around 10% and subsequently your blood pressure is reduced also by decreasing levels of the cortisol stress hormone. Solid wood also has excellent acoustic properties, absorbing sound and creating a calm and cosy atmosphere.

Our professional team from sales, technical support, designers and construction are here to help you through every step to building your dream home. We believe that building your own house should be a stress free and enjoyable experience and using 3D design technology we ensure that there are no hidden surprises. The Honka kit is quick and easy to assemble, and we typically expect to be wind and watertight within 2 weeks. On-site times are reduced massively compared to other forms of construction, saving money not only in labour costs, but also site welfare and other time related costs. Building a Honka home offers exceptional value for money.

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