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iGarden Vision is created by Invenire Design, a Wiltshire based company lead by Wayne Fiddes and Patrick Liddiard, who have enjoyed careers in mechanical engineering and landscape gardening. Using their knowledge of the complexities traditional landscape gardening faces – from the intense labour requirements to the difficult construction methods – they created iGarden Vision. In doing so, they’ve created a unique approach to contemporary garden design that is fast to install, high in quality and easy to maintain, all with a beautiful aesthetic finish. With simplicity in labour and design, they believe the iGarden approach transforms the way gardens are designed, built, and enjoyed, while saving homeowners costs in renovations and remedial work for years to come.

Our pioneering base system – the iFrame

Created using lightweight steel, we’ve designed a substructure that’s made to measure, known as iFrame. The result is a precisely measured foundation that can accommodate modular elements with ease, ready to create an extraordinary outdoor living space. With this flexibility, the iFrame is one of the most adaptable and environmentally friendly landscaping solutions available.

Our iFrame replaces the labour intensive groundworks process found in traditional landscaping. Placed onto support pads, it is simple and efficient to build without disturbing any existing utilities. Renovating even the most difficult to access spaces is made possible. It can also be designed for almost any project, creating a contemporary outdoor space with finishes and features to enjoy for years to come. Once you decide which modular elements you would like, your iFrame is manufactured with points for finishing elements to be directly fixed to, enabling time-efficient and easier installation.

Whether your ground is flat, sloping, or a combination of both, your iFrame is guaranteed to work in harmony with your landscape, reducing groundworks and saving time. Factory-made with high-quality manufacturing precision, it creates unrivalled geometric results for a crisp and contemporary finish. Furthermore, iFrame will not rot, shrink, or creep under pressure or dramatic changes in temperature, reducing the need for remedial maintenance. With a flush to threshold finish, it creates a continuous surface for a seamless indoor to outdoor transition. The result is the feeling of extending your living space to the outdoors.

When it comes to drainage, patios and decking are often laid on concrete or mortar bases which require stormwater and soak away systems to be fitted. However, thanks to iGarden’s engineering, it features a shadow joint which promotes quick and natural drainage after torrential downpours, without the need of additional systems.

Choosing iGarden, your outdoor space is built to last and complies with the ‘3Rs’ of sustainability: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Firstly, we reduce waste to zero by manufacturing made-to measure prefabricated iFrames. Site waste is also virtually eliminated compared to the industry average wastage of 10% in traditional construction materials. Secondly, the iFrame is suitable for reuse, meaning units can be dismantled and re-used in a new configuration to redesign your outdoor space - or even transported to a new location for secondhand use. Thirdly, should you need to dispose of your iGarden you can recycle all the materials and components we use. Finally, our products and iFrame are bespoke made in the UK, reducing the carbon footprint of importing materials. A single delivery of light steel frames on a 7.5t vehicle is typically enough to lay a 200m2 area, so transporting the materials and items required for your garden is greatly reduced.

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