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You are probably visiting the NSBRC to learn before investing in your home, whether you are building a fresh one or developing the one you have. I am here to help you protect that investment for your chosen heirs.

My purpose is to show you all the options that you have to prevent your “estate” falling into the wrong hands. That could mean the Government’s coffers, the Lawyer’s coffers or into the arms of a relative you really did not want to inherit from you!

Estate and family matters are as unique as fingerprints, which is why personal advice is essential to avoid costly mistakes. A properly crafted Estate Plan costs less than a month in a Care Home. That’s less than most spend on the annual family holiday. And the benefit does not fade after a fortnight! For your Peace of Mind, book a chat with me. Its genuinely FREE as I only charge if instructed. You have nothing to lose. Your family however, may have a great deal to gain.

Honey Legal are a specialist Estate Planning practice. We have chosen to be regulated in an unregulated field for our client’s Peace of Mind. With over 6300 Trust Pilot reviews, mostly 5*, you can be 100% confident that any documents you get from Honey are robust and will not let you down when needed most. Please read my personal reviews here

Our expertise is in helping to ensure your home and everything else you have worked hard for goes to the people you choose with the minimum of fuss and minimum of State involvement. A Will alone is not enough. It offers no protection to your “estate” or to your heirs. To find out how you could protect both from outside attack please book a chat with me. It’s FREE. I only charge if and when instructed. Remember, you have nothing to lose, but your family could have a great deal to gain.

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