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Quantiv provides budgeting advice and cost services for all kinds of building projects, from self-builds to extensions and renovations.

Building projects are notorious for exceeding budgets as there are so many elements to consider, plus a host of variables and factors which can influence costs on each individual project. Getting the budget and costplan right at the outset, with appropriate contingencies, is critical to a successful build. Quantiv specialises in providing Early Cost Advice to clients, whether they are self-building, adding an extension or simply renovating. We also produce Bills of Quantities for full projects or on an individual trade basis.

Early Cost Advice

This is essential as projects often exceed the original budget for a variety of reasons. Quantiv can provide cost advice from initial concept drawings, so you can determine whether a project is feasible with the funding available to you. If this is done before the planning stage, it can also save on wasted application fees and time - if your plans are actually beyond your budget limit, you’ll need to redraw and resubmit them. Having financial reassurance at the outset can remove one of the biggest causes of stress on building projects and help you to achieve your building goals successfully. We can also advise on potential cost variations and how to manage those, should they arise.

Bill of Quantities (BQs)

These are valuable documents which detail all of the elements of the project (whether self-build, extension and/or renovation) from groundworks and roofing all the way through to finishing trades like painting and tiling. The BQ can quickly highlight if you’ve missed an element in your initial cost estimates. It can also then be used for tender purposes and sent to builders and/or individual trades for pricing. Using a BQ means that all the builders are pricing the same ‘control document’ and it can quickly reveal any disparities in the tender or quote returns. BQ’s typically also generate more tender/quote returns as they make it easier for a builder to price the documented requirements in line with the Architect’s design information. Once the BQ is priced, it can be turned into a ‘Contract Sum’ and included in your contract documents, if you are using them for your project.

Assurance of Expertise and Quality

Throughout your project, you want to be assured that you are getting the best quality of service and expert advice. Quantiv is led by Tim Phillips, a quantity surveyor and estimator with over 35 years’ experience. He’s worked on multiple projects across the corporate, public and private sectors, managing multimillion pound budgets. Tim now works freelance, whilst managing his property portfolio and is an experienced full-scale house renovator. He writes cost articles for national magazines and is a speaker at various UK property shows.

If you would like a free 30-minute no-obligation consultation, please call Tim on 07811 475193 or email

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