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About SUNSHIELD Unique louvers

Sunshield creates louvre systems for daylight management and solar heating. These slatted solutions contribute to a healthy and comfortable living environment. And have a strong positive effect on the energy balance. Every day again, and for many years.


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Sunshield's solutions are always tailor-made. Thanks to Sunshield's modular rack arms (the carriers), it doesn't matter how a slat system is applied; vertically, horizontally, with a slope or even upside down. Moreover, the louvre systems can be supplied in any desired shape; square and rectangular of course, but also as a triangle, trapezium, arch or circle.


Sunshield creates a unique product for every project. With such a product, louvres are applied in a certain way. For example as an exterior blind, on a facade. Glass roofs, patio covers and walls are other common applications.


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A facade exterior is sun protection on the outside of a building, attached to the facade. With these outdoor slats you gain control over incoming sunlight and influence on the heating by the sun. These louvres offer you plenty of options for architectural embellishment of your home.

Roof lights

The Romans, inventors of the atrium, already knew it. A well-lit room has a positive effect on our well-being. Whether it is a glass roof of 1m2 or the glass roof of a conservatory. Sunshield offers solutions in many shapes and all RAL colours.

Louvre wall

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More privacy? Wind protection? It is possible with fences of slats. For a terrace, the slatted wall is a godsend. Would you like a view or some ventilation? Open the slats. Rather some privacy or protection from dusty winds? Close the louvre wall. A little or completely.

Interior or exterior?

It doesn't matter for a Sunshield system. And when it comes to daylight management, both solutions work equally well. When you want to keep the heat out, an outdoor solution is more effective. With an indoor application, the heat still creeps in. An outdoor solution simply keeps the heat out better.

Half a century of experience

The development of the Sunshield systems began in 1971 at an old brewery in Wooburn Town, about an hour's drive from central London. A major leap forward was the development of movable slats. Adjustable louvres allowing precise daylight management and protection against heating by the sun.

The Dutch connection

The export of the louvre systems to the Netherlands was the beginning of a long and intensive collaboration between Sunshield in the UK and the Dutch distributor. During several mergers and acquisitions the entire development and production was moved to the Netherlands. Since 2006, Sunshield has been operating from its location in Raamsdonksveer, approximately 50 km southeast of Rotterdam.

Ultimate customer experience

For every project, from small to large, Sunshield and its business partners focus on the ultimate customer experience through you. So don't hesitate to challenge Sunshield with complex situations or missions that may seem impossible.

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