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Eco Workshops

Whether your motivation is saving the environment or saving money, our programme of Eco Workshops should have the answers you're looking for!

We've cut through the 'greenwash' to bring you a wealth of independent and informed advice and information on the latest energy efficient technologies, products and services; sustainability; environmentally responsible building principals and retrofitting of existing properties.

With housing contributing 22% of the UK’s carbon emissions it is essential that we find ways to reduce this impact if we are to meet our future carbon targets.

Eco Design, Planning & Sustainability - 19th February 2022

Our experts will explain the options available to you and how your designs, lifestyle and specification choices could impact in your home's energy performance.

This workshop will offer a full timetable of seminars, question time sessions and educational tours showcasing the NSBRC's live exhibits.

Find out if you should be installing a new Gas Boiler or an Air Source Heat Pump at our free Eco Workshop.

Our Upcoming Eco Workshop dates are:

Building Systems & Project Management Eco Workshop: Saturday 18th June 2022

Heat and Energy Eco Workshop: Saturday 13th August


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January National Self Build & Renovation Show

The dream. Your design. Your build. Your home. Make your dream home a reality at The National Self Build & Renovation Show. With three days of an unrivalled line up of exhibitors and experts on hand to share their advice, this is an unmissable event for anyone thinking of self building or renovating their home.

The National Self Build and Renovation Show