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Finding land

Finding land can often be one of the biggest challenges for self builders to overcome. With an increasing demand for new homes, and the rise in popularity of self building, land has become both more expensive and harder to find. Finding that perfect plot can sometimes take years, and you’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort to secure a good one.

The internet is a great place to begin your plot search, but you might also want to consider auctions, estate agents or even asking around in the local community where you want to eventually live. Getting out there will help you jump ahead of the competition, and ensure you’re one of the first to hear about new plots as they become available.

The plot you choose will be the foundation for your new home, so it needs to be right. However, the more specific your requirements are, the longer you’re likely to be searching. So it makes sense to be flexible where you can, and be willing to revise your requirements if your search isn’t going well. Plots that may initially seem unsuitable can have heaps of hidden potential if you know what to look for, so don’t rule anything out too quickly. Equally, it is important that you never pay for a piece of land until you are certain it will attract planning permission – otherwise you may end up as the owner of an expensive paddock!

If you’re still struggling to find your perfect plot, our Guide to Finding Land and Appraising a Plot course has tonnes of tips and tricks from the experts to help you in your search.

Top tip: Everyone who is considering self building should join the Right to Build Register.

Local Authorities are now required to keep a register of people and groups who want to self build locally, and they must ensure they have sufficient plots available to meet this demand.

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