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The industry’s only plug-and-play solution to draughts in buildings. Faster. Measured. Guaranteed.

Using the latest sealant technology to prevent air leakage and draughts, AeroBarrierUK is a multi-award winning company helping self-builders achieve low-energy and eco-friendly homes.

Our low-VOC certified solution is applied as a mist coat using smart technology. The patented system measures and hunts out draughts in your home, only applying sealant where necessary. The system monitors real-time data, ensuring that specific air leakage requirements can be achieved consistently through a targeted and precise approach. No compromises. No premium price tags. Guaranteed results.

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Introducing AeroBarrierUK, the revolutionary leader in air-tightness solutions and the industry’s only plug-and-play solution to draughts in buildings. Recognised as the "Most Innovative SME" at the Building Innovation Awards and honoured with the title of "Best Innovation in Insulation" at the BuildIt Awards 2023, AeroBarrierUK stands proudly as a pioneering force in air-tightness technology.

At the heart of these prestigious awards lies AeroBarrierUK’s innovative sealing system. Using patented smart technology, the system employs a modified blower door test, pressurising structures and applying a non-toxic mist coat to seamlessly seal any leaks. This distinctive approach includes real-time monitoring of air-tightness levels, ensuring predictability, repeatability, and reliability for any size of building, both for new-build and retrofit projects. The system can seal gaps and cracks as minute as the width of a human hair up to 12mm wide, allowing your building to achieve air-tightness ratings that meet the UK Building Regulations or beyond to outstanding sub-Passivhaus levels on any form of building system.

Significantly, AeroBarrier is proven to be at least three times faster than traditional air-tightness methods, mitigating concerns about human error and test failures during construction, thereby enhancing overall quality assurance.

Self-builders can experience substantial benefits from AeroBarrierUK's superior air-tightness levels, from slashing energy bills by 40%, to improved comfort and healthier living conditions. The efficient process minimises intensive labour needed to prepare your home, clean-up efforts and safeguards surfaces, with our expert team undertaking any required preparation to ensure a stress-free and optimum result.

Utilising a blower door test, the team analyses real-time data readings to track the distribution of the sealant in the space. Once the desired air-tightness level is achieved, the sealing process concludes, followed by a final blower door test to verify the results. Post-sealing clean-up takes mere minutes, allowing other site work to resume shortly thereafter. Clients receive a Certificate of Completion detailing pre- and post-leakage results for the work undertaken.

AeroBarrier's sealant, a water-soluble organic compound, is proven safe with ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and GreenGuard Gold certification. Its inactive nature eliminates the need for chemical reactions to form a seal, ensuring no off-gassing or airborne release of harmful chemicals into building envelopes, maintaining the designed indoor air quality.

As featured in BuildIt Magazine, AeroBarrier is becoming the go-to solution for self-build homes across the UK, and is swiftly emerging as the preferred choice for reducing draughts and saving money in your new home.

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