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Project CURV

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Welcome to Project CURV, a pioneering company part of the Project Better Energy Group with an annual turnover of over £100million!

Project CÜRV offer a whole of house solution of high efficiency green products, that aim to lower energy bills & carbon output – suitable for both new developments & retrofit projects.

Project CÜRV’s Range Of Renewable Products

Are you wanting to lower your energy bills or meet EPC/SAP legislation? Look no further than Project CÜRV, with a whole-of-house approach that is streamlined through 1 company.

Air Sourced Hot Water Cylinders
Step into the future of eco-friendly hot water solutions with Project CÜRV's A+ rated Air-Sourced Hot Water Cylinder. Featuring an integrated compressor, our innovative system efficiently harnesses ambient air to provide hot water for your daily needs. With a 5-year warranty and a range expanding from 80L to 250L, our cylinders offer versatility to suit various household requirements. Enjoy the perfect blend of energy efficiency and cutting-edge technology, ensuring a sustainable and reliable hot water supply.

Infrared Heating Panels
Project CÜRV's cutting-edge infrared heating panels, with a 15-year warranty and ranges available in Aluminium* or Glass finishes - utilize advanced technology to emit infrared radiation, efficiently and directly heating surfaces without relying on air circulation. This targeted heating approach ensures swift and even warmth, while also minimizing dust and allergen circulation. Our sleek and easily mountable panels, designed for walls or ceilings*, represent a clean, cost-effective, and modern solution for heating spaces.

* It is only the Aluminium range of infrared heating panels that are ceiling mountable, current estimations suggest that orders will be fulfilled in Q2 2024.

Off Peak Battery Storage
Project CÜRV's Off-Peak Battery Storage System, is seamlessly compatible with solar generation, which is also compatible with overnight force charging. Our state-of-the-art system efficiently stores excess solar energy during peak production hours for later use during peak energy price periods. This intelligent technology not only maximizes your solar investment, but our hybrid batteries are also capable of providing you with the opportunity to have guaranteed savings when aligned with an off-peak energy tariff through overnight force-charging. With standard offerings ranging from 6-12 kW and the flexibility to create bespoke systems upon request, Project CÜRV ensures a personalized and powerful approach to sustainable energy storage.

Electric Vehicle Charger
Unleash the power of sustainable mobility with the Apex 7.3kW Electric Vehicle Charger, brought to you by Project EV, a trusted partner within the Project Better Energy Group. This high-performance charger combines the trusted reliability of Project EV with innovative features for a seamless and eco-friendly electric vehicle charging experience. With a sleek design and multiple colour options available, the Apex not only performs but also complements your style.

Solar Systems

Project CÜRV offers a range of pre-selected integrated or on-roof solar system kits, simplifying the adoption process with the inclusion of panels, inverters, and mounting systems - while also accommodating the customization of bespoke systems to meet specific client needs. Central to their energy solutions are high-power 455W solar panels, ensuring optimal performance. Through their whole-house approach, Project CÜRV aims to provide clients with a sustainable and tailored strategy to achieve maximum energy efficiency and cost savings.

With a proven track record, Project CÜRV has successfully collaborated with multiple major UK housing developers and associations, establishing itself as a trusted partner in advancing sustainable and energy-efficient housing solutions. Our extensive experience in the industry reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation. Furthermore, we are proud to offer a complimentary design service led by our professional team, ensuring that your project is meticulously and accurately specified to meet your unique requirements.

Take the first step towards a more sustainable and cost-effective future. Contact us today, and let our expert team guide you through our product range and how it can benefit your ongoing or upcoming projects.

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