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Nudura (Construction Products Group)

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A brand of CPG UK, we pride ourselves on excellence in customer service, technical support, and service delivery. Working in unison with our sister brands, here at Nudura we can offer an array of construction products for all stages of your projects.

Nudura is an industry leader in the manufacturing and installation of solid wall insulated formwork. Having become a preferred building method, Nudura solid wall systems are a proven superior alternative to traditional construction practices.

Nudura goals are simple, we aim to provide customers with a high-quality solid wall insulated formwork, that will work in reducing energy costs, and contribute to living in a much more sustainable, air quality controlled and comfortable living environment.

Nudura’s solid wall insulated technology uses polystyrene panels to create Nudura blocks which are connected with a web system that allow the blocks to be stacked and steel reinforced where required. The polystyrene blocks are then built up on site and filled with ready-mixed concrete. This system provides a thermal mass, allowing buildings to be warm in Winter and cool in Summer, and any type of structure to be built in a fraction of the time compared to traditional build methods. Also, incredibly quiet with minimal intrusion from outside noise the comfort levels are unrivalled.

Whether you’re looking for an eco-build or simply a better method of construction, Nudura is with you every step of the way, helping you build your dream home using the latest technological innovations, to almost any design you desire. Nudura have a network of experienced and knowledgeable distributors covering the whole of the UK. We offer a free, no obligation estimating service and free consultation from start to finish.

Our Company – CPG

CPG UK are committed to shaping the future through innovative approaches and sustainable solutions. Providing the solutions to engineer structures that are more efficient to build and maintain, and are virtually impervious to the elements, and can provide a multitude of desired finishes.

With an experienced technical and sales team, we are positioned to aid with the specification, application, specific product development, problem solving and assistance on-site. So, when it comes to protecting the entire building envelope, CPG UK is the best choice for a single-source products, services, and solutions.

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