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Melissa Briggs of Bee Solar Technology Limited has been working with Heliomotion’s parent company for several years, and has now moved the production of Heliomotion systems to the UK.

Heliomotion is an innovative, high efficiency, dual-axis tracking, ground mounted solar power plant for both residential and commercial use.  A system can be located in a sunny spot in your garden, rather than on your roof.

There are two options for mounting the system:- the quickest is ground anchors, which we can supply, or a concrete plinth, which is the less eco, more time consuming option.

Heliomotion 3.png

Heliomotion has been designed for Self Builders. The installation and assembly manual together with all sizing information and data sheets can be downloaded from our website:

Here's a short time lapse video showing a Heliomotion using GPS to track the sun:

Maximise your electricity production using the sun. By following the sun from sunrise to sunset, turning and tilting at the optimum angle depending on the season, and using high efficiency solar panels, a Heliomotion delivers 30-60% more energy per year than static conventional roof mounted solar panels, yielding a quicker return on your investment. The solar energy produced perfectly matches the energy/electricity consumption pattern of a typical household (see sinus curve). In other words before school and work at breakfast time, and during the afternoon and evening when family members are cooking, relaxing and using technology. You can log in to your system to check the power being generated whenever you want, see the graphic below:

Roof Top Systems generate their peak energy output during the middle of the day when most families are out – at school or work. If you move house, no problem, you can unbolt the Heliomotion from its foundations and take it with you. It can also be used to charge an electric vehicle. 

Annual graph output from a PV-4 (2022):

Bee Solar 2022 Graph.png

Note the increase between February and March as light levels increase. Solar is giving decent results for 8 months of the year.

Daily graph example from 24/01/23:

Bee Solar Tech solar output graph.jpg

Note the shape of the curve showing how many hours of the day the tracking system is generating power even in January.

Bee Solar Technology are the winners of the November 2020 PEA (People Environment Achievement) Award for Energy, the 2018 Build It Award for 'Best Home Technology' & the Build It Award's 'Best Sustainable Technology or Product Award' in November 2022:

Bee Solar Tech Awards.PNG

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